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Resources for Teaching & Talking about the January 6th Attack on the Capitol  

by Alison Dover

These resources will be shared with the FSD Board on January 10, 2021. To add to this list, please email We especially welcome resources and model lesson plans from FSD teachers!

These four sites have some specific & awesome elementary/middle resources for directly addressing the events at the Capitol on 1/6.

These three are more general, but useful nevertheless – they focus on expressing feelings about political events in classroom-positive ways, and the final is an example of an interactive book talk about how kids can use kindness in the face of hate and discord.

From FSD Teacher Blair Campbell (1st grade)


  • Read aloud Being a Good Citizen
  • Discuss what it means to be a good citizen – brainstorm with students – anchor chart example
  • After – Was there a time you observed someone being a good citizen? Not being a good citizen? Invite students to share experiences.


  • Read aloud – What if everybody did that?
  • Discuss what the meaning of the story was. Have you ever done what others did when you shouldn’t have? Or didn’t follow others because you felt what they were doing was wrong?


  • How to change the world by Kid President
  • Brainstorm with students – Do you think you can help change the world? What are the traits of a good leader?